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After graduating from Boston University with a degree in film production, Michael headed to L.A. to pursue his future in the film world, but became sidetracked when, a band he formed, called Vivabeat signed with Polygram records.  Several years, two albums and numerous tours followed before Michael decided to exit the 80’s pop music wars and try his hand at film scoring.

In 1990 he was accepted as a fellow at the Sundance Institute Composers Workshop, where he spent the summer working with composers such as James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, Michael Kaman, and Alan Silvestre, learning the craft of film scoring.

Shortly thereafter, Brian Graden, then with Fox TV and later MTV’s President of Entertainment contracted Michael to score the Fox daytime teen soap opera, Tribes.  Imagine Entertainment’s Second City series, Life As We Know It, with Emmy Award winning director, David Jablin, CBS TV series Sibs with Heide Perlman and James L Brooks producing, and double Emmy winner PBS documentary The Natural History of the Chicken followed.

While continuing with studio-based band projects such as his current Buff Roshi endeavor, Michael has since composed music for numerous feature films and commercials, including Five Aces, Tommy Boy, Coneheads, The Oh In Ohio, the Rhino Films spoof, Plump Fiction, and many more. Most recently he scored and music supervised the soon-to-be released First Look film, Player 5150.


Feature Film Scores:

Player 5150 • First Look
(also music supervisor)

New York Minute • Warner Brothers

Nostalgia • Showtime Ent.

The Oh In Ohio • HBO

RSVP • Lion’s Gate Studios

Five Aces • HBO
(also music supervisor)



Trash • Showtime

Tommy Boy • Paramount

My Father the Hero • Buena Vista

St. Patrick’s Day • 
Scenery West Productions
(also music supervisior)

Plump Fiction • Rhino Films



Additional Music For:

Van Wider Deux • Paramount

Open Range • Touchstone

Matilda • Tristar


Coneheads • Paramount

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey • Orion



“Eye For An Eye”
National Lampoon
(reality series) KTLA

“The Natural History
Of The Chicken”

Radio Pictures
(2002 Emmy Award Best
(Chosen for 2000 Toronto Film Festival and 2001 Sundance Film Festival)

“Life As We Know It”
Imagine Entertainment

“Discovery Channel Sports Series”
Discovery Channel



Discovery Channel


“Itsy Bitsy Spider”
USA Network)
(animation series)

“40,000 Frames”
Castlerock Entertainment

Fox Television

“Oz Kids”
Animation series




Canon Digital Cameras
Firestone Tire
Bellago Casino Hong Kong
Center One
Hong Kong Casino


Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Northeastern University
Kiwi Magazine
Ralph Lauren
Discovery Channel PSA’s
Kaiser Healthcare



Selected as a participant in the Sundance Institute Composers’ Workshop.

On documentary selection committee for 2008
Slamdance Film Festival.